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Meet Pitt County's College Advisers

Ashley Morris

College Adviser - College Advising Corps

Ashley Morris serves as the College Adviser at Ayden-Grifton High School in Ayden, NC. Ashley received her Bachelors of Social Work degree from the illustrious North Carolina State University. She is originally from New Bern, NC and is a first-generation college student. Ashley has always been passionate about furthering the education of youth from all types of backgrounds. She previously served as an apprentice School Social Worker in an alternative school as well as caring for  at-risk adolescents at Holly Hill Hospital. Ashley soon realized the importance of being an advocate and what proper support and guidance means to a child. Ashley looks forward to pursuing a degree in Higher Education upon completing her second advising term at AGHS. But for now, Ashley looks forward to learning and growing alongside her students into best college adviser she can be.

Michelle Sorrells

College Adviser - College Advising Corps

Michelle Sorrells currently serves as the College Advisor at North Pitt High School in Bethel, North Carolina. Originally from Asheville, Michelle moved to Raleigh in order to study sociology at North Carolina State University. During which time she developed a strong interest in underrepresented groups as well as education.  After working in local schools and after-school programs as an assistant education coordinator she realized the difference one-on-one time could make for students. She decided to pursue a position with the College Advising Corp in order to aid more students. After her time as a college adviser, Michelle plans to pursue a master’s degree in applied sociology and continue working towards lessening social inequality. Michelle is looking forward to guiding the students of North Pitt High School through their pursuit of higher education.

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